50 Sports mini Golf at Parkwood

Game on! Our VIP’s and guests for the week-long launch of in 50 Weeks had a real treat with a round of Mini-golf at the beautiful Parkwood International Golf Course at Arundel, Gold Coast. It may not seem like the most demanding workout we could choose but mini-golf is loads of fun, everyone is assured a laugh and just about anybody can join  in. you can be competitive and keep score or just play along for the joy of being outdoors with friends and family. Consistent with our philosophy that anything that gets you off the couch is a good thing, mini golf should be one of your options to get the family out of the house   and playing together. Thanks to Brett and Rebecca for your amazing support.

we’ll try ot get in a few rounds golf throughout the year but the one I’m looking forward to will be when we connect with with the incredible  at the LPGA Foundation cup in Arizona.  Karrie will be our official golf mentor and we will be her official cheer squad. A Win-Win that keeps everybody off the couch!

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