Adventure Week at Queenstown NZ

Adventure week was not so much about showcasing a particular sport, instead for this week we chose pursuits that get your heart racing and adrenalin pumping.  Adventure Week was about jumping head first into life, grabbing every opportunity with both hands and saying yes to activities that make you laugh, cry in self-induced fear and celebrate stepping outside our comfort zone.

So often we live lives repeating familiar patterns because they are safe and secure and while there’s nothing wrong with the comfort of certainty, there is a risk we miss out on opportunities when we get set in our ways through the fear change. Nothing cures that faster than jumping off a bridge into a rocky and watery chasm below with nothing but a rubber band tied to your feet! It’s very liberating and leaves you with a sense that you can take on anything.

When it comes to adrenalin and adventure sports there is no better place on the planet than Queenstown on New Zealand’s South Island. The city is among the most active and sports orientated we have encountered anywhere and full credit to the locals for living life on the edge and then serving up a slice each and every day to the flock of tourists who come in search of an adrenalin hit…and get a double dose!

We will HAVE to come back here in winter when the snow sports season offers an entirely new dimension to the fun on offer, but for now check out the video for a wee sample of what you can fit in in just a few days, especially if you ordinarily keep fit and consequently have the energy.

FYI – As the primary mission of 50 Sports is to fight obesity and lifestyle related diseases by promoting greater activity levels in kids and their grown ups, we had an a amazing day at the Remarkables Primary School. They packed out the auditorium with eager kids wiling to learn about how to get it right with their health and the feedback we got was overwhelming. One mum even called us out when she recognised us at the airport to tell us how her kids came home from school sharing all the ideas they had learned with us. That makes all the hard work and travel worthwhile.  Thanks to everyone in Queenstown for your support, we can’t wait to come back. PB Read Also : Importance of sports