America’s Cup Sailing with 50 Sports

Sailing is an exciting sport and whether you’re on a single handed 10 foot skip or an 80 foot original America’s Cup machine; it’s a much tougher and more physical activity than is often given credit for. The social scene of sailing in renowned, as is the character building such a challenge can manifest. Kids can visit their local sailing club and get started for very little outlay and learn all there is to know about mastering the sea. Maybe one day you’ll be part of a $200 million plus campaign to win the olde mug for your country.

For over 130 Years the United States held the America’s Cup. Then in 1983, Australia took the trophy and the right to host the event down under for the first time in history. In 1995, New Zealand got their turn and Auckland’s Harbour and Viaduct was transformed into a sailing mecca. Today you can experience a taste of cup racing for yourself and we did just that as we joined Captain Thomas and crew for an opportunity to crank up the sails, steer the tiller tack our beloved NZL 68 across the line. Highly recommended as a great day out and you can definitely add sailing as one of your 50 ways to keep in shape and get off the couch!

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