Bowling with the USBC in Texas

Q: What sport is played by more people on the planet than any other? A: Ten Pin Bowling.
Week 21 of #50Sports and we are at the global headquarters of bowling, the United States Bowling Congress in Arlington Texas and what an amazing first day it has been. Our mentors today were none other than USBC Head Coach Rod Ross and USBC Assistant Coach and Bowling Hall of Famer Kim Terrell-Kearney.

Rod also measured our hands from every angle and professionally drilled out own personalised balls thanks to partners Storm, Hammer and Columbia and we even were fitted out with special shoes by G3.
Then we had the royal tour of the Hall of Fame Museum with Lauren Kusnierz who shared the rich and impressive history of bowling. Nick Bohanan is the Sports Performance Specialist for the USBC and showed us the incredibly advanced technology in use to further the, conditioning, skills and techniques of present day and future athletes.

To top it all off we had an entire afternoon of the world’s best coaching in readiness for us to compete at this weekend’s US Open Championships in El Paso. To all the 140 million bowlers around the world we now have a greater respect for your sport and we feel very privileged to be experiencing it at such an elite level. More tomorrow!

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