Busy start to July in Munich, Dubai and Australia’s Gold Coast

Big Jump Munich FestivalA very exciting, hectic and challenging week of sports and travels across the globe for the Browns. First stop was Germany for 24hrs and the Munich Festival, with 70 sports on offer. We were with Team Gibbon at the World Masters of Slacklining Championships. The highlight was Ben’s private lesson with Mr Slacklining himself, Andy Lewis. IMG_9701

Then flight cancellations cut our next leg in Dubai to just 24 hrs also.

IMG_9900It was 45 degrees outside so naturally, we went snow skiing as special guests of the amazing Ski Dubai centre. Now we are in Queensland and all three Browns are competing at the Australian Floorball Championships by invitation of the organisers. Ben just played his first game, I’m on next. Awesome week to be off the couch.
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