Cross-Country Skiing in Helsinki

When you are surrounded by snow half of the year it makes sense to turn the adversity into an advantage and that’s exactly what the people of Finland do better than just about anybody with cross country skiing. What started as an efficient way to travel distances across the snow has become a national past time and a highly popular sport.  The country has produced many great world and Olympic champions and this week the Browns had the pleasure of learning the sport from two wonderful mentors and they also got to train with a very fit and dedicated team of hot young skiing competitors working hard on their way to the top of their sport. Here’s their account of the week…

Finland is famous for its white wilderness and snow usually covers Helsinki in December, however the season started a little late this year so we were too early to ski outdoors. Thankfully the Fins are so mad on their skiing they have built enormous indoor ski halls like the massive multi-level Kivikon Hiihtohalli which has over 1km of track covered in snow all year round.

But before we did any skiing we headed down to one of Helsinki’s top schools, Lauttasaaren Liikuntakeskus to deliver our Get it Right talk to yet another packed house of enthusiastic students and their teachers. The 800 strong audience of mostly high school students clearly understood the message very well and despite English not being their first language, took it all in without the need for translation, very impressive. This is what our mission is really all about – reminding kids and teenagers that they only get one body and have to make the right choices to make the most out of life. We’re confident these young adults are smart enough to get it right and wish them all a successful and healthy future.

crosscountry3Our main job done, it was time to ski and our first day was with ski instructor and fitness entrepreneur Juha Marttila.

He did a marvelous job starting with the basics of what equipment we would use, how to select it and proper set up. It turns out your skis should be around 15% taller than you and your poles 10% shorter. Who knew right?The ski hall is a constant -4º so we rugged up, kitted out and hit the snow.

Juha taught us how to balance on two skis and then on just one ski, an important skill as once you get going you spend most of your time gliding on either one ski or the other. We even played soccer while wearing one ski which is fun and also shows if you have the balance right or not.

It was great to have two of Finland’s top rating television news stations capture the action. Once again placing us on national TV promoting our message and getting the world off the couch.

By the time we hit the snow flats we all started to move around with relative ease, though everyone else in the hall seemed to have motors strapped to their skis as they flew past us. Once we got the hang of it we all discovered why Cross Country or Nordic Skiing as it is often called is recognised as one of if not the most aerobically demanding sports in the world.  Indeed Nordic Skiers are renowned for their lean and very fit bodies because it’s a great all-body workout, burns loads of calories, is non-impact and mostly very safe so once you get the basic skills it can be a complete and regular fitness regime.

Satisfied with our skiing, Juha had a few surprises lined up for us, especially Ben. First up was our first ever ski race. The three of us versus Juha and his crack team (one experienced friend, one Television Presenter); with each team sharing one ridiculously large pair of skis. We won, that’s all I’ll say about that for now.  (OK I may have cheated by asking him to run down the track to show us where the finish line was…he fell for it so naturally we took off!)

Surprise #2 was a mini snowmobile for Ben to ride around the hall. He loved it and had a blast as you can clearly see


crosscountry19The final surprise was perhaps the biggest, but perhaps also inevitable, being so close to the North Pole. Santa Clause himself was waiting for Ben in the hall’s Winter Wonderland. Surrounded by the many gifts he will soon deliver to good little kiddies the world over, Santa produced a very special gift for Ben, a beautiful Finnish hunting knife, engraved with his name and that of 50 Sports. Ben was overwhelmed with gratitude as were we. With that it was time to say goodbye and rest our weary bodies back at base after a great day.

The next day, Jacqui, Ben and I headed for a workout to the Fressi Fitness Club in Leppävaara. Like most commercial gyms it is not normal policy to allow children in but the club made a special exception for Ben to train with me.

Ben's workoutBen is probably more experienced than many gym goers and his technique and training etiquette are unquestionable plus he has many years of gymnastics and other sports as a solid foundation. We understand the needs of a young growing body and modify what he does accordingly, using a combination of body weight, free weights, suspension straps and fit ball work. We had an awesome workout and felt much better for it afterwards so thanks Fressi.

Ski session number two saw us return to the Kivikon Ski Hall, only this time it was straight down to business.

Our mentor for the day was Timo Heinonen coach at Espoon Hiihtoseura and he brought along his very talented daughter Aani to show how it’s done. EHS as it’s known is a prominent cross country skiing team that grooms some of the nation’s top junior athletes and perhaps the next generation of Finnish World Champions.

Timo assessed what skills we had acquired already and set about taking us to the next level.  We worked on sliding and gliding, alternate and simultaneous arm actions as well as developing our kick and upward thrust. He had his work cut out for him but like Juha earlier in the week, Timo knows skiing and was able to identify and remedy many of our ski-faults so within an hour Jacqui, Ben and I were all powering round the track in blistering pace. (Though still being passed by every other skier in the complex)

We felt a great sense of achievement and were ready to say goodbye when Timo invited us to join his talented group for some physical fitness conditioning later that evening. Naturally we agreed and with the icy rain falling we made our way to a nearby stadium and outdoor running trails.

We met up with around 30 budding young athletes and it was also wonderful to see that many of their parents regularly come along to join the training sessions. This is exactly what we are promoting the world over. Kids and their grown-ups, off the couch and being active together. Everyone had a great time and all were clearly in great shape as a result of this habit.

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