Dance Sport week off to a great start

IMG_2883Dance Sport week at #50Sportsin50Weeks is off to a fantastic start. Day one we trained with our official mentors, international super stars of dance, Slava Visnakovs & Tereza Kizlo. They met us for a private lesson at the Magic Dance Studio in Riga, Latvia. Tereza and Alava were in final preparations for the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival in just a few days, yet still took the time to show us the finer points of competitive Latin Dance. It was very challenging but a lot of fun.

Day 2 saw us with the school’s principle and Latvian Champion  Jelena Sabanova. Not only was Jelena a wonderful dance instructor, we discovered she and Aussie partner Matthew Rooke won the 2013 Australian Dance Sport Championships. how blessed are we to have so many wonderful experts to help us get the world off the couch, one sport at a time! Thanks to energie Fitness Clubs of Latvia for supporting our mission in the Baltic States.

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