50Sports hit the RUHR Games in Essen, Germany

50Sports_facebook_Kanupolo KopieIt’s our most ambitious challenge yet in the 50 Sports in 50 Weeks mission. To learn and play 5 sports in just 4 days and there is no better place to try than the RUHR games in the Essen region of Germany. We have some fantastic mentors lined up including several world champions and world record holders and the venues are both iconic and world class. Our 4 sports will be:

  1. Wheelchair Table Tennis with Sandra Mikolaschek
  2. Parkour with Marcel ‘Mazzel‘ Parcharidis and Team Zarrio
  3. Canoe-Polo with Lennart Unterfeld
  4. Sport Stacking with Moritz Dudda and the International Sports Stacking Federation
  5. Sports Shooting with Thomas Stratmann and the Schützengesellschaft Bungt (Shooting Club Bungt) (not a RUHR Games event, but an opportunity we could not miss)

Over 10,000 talented, young athletes from across Europe will come together in a spirit of friendship to pit their skills against each other in a variety sporting contests that will be accompanied by an exciting program of cultural and youth events that will rock the Ruhr.  More at: http://www.ruhrgames.de