Alpine Skiing with Frank Wörndl

50Sports_facebook_Alpine Skiing Frank WorndlFresh snow has fallen on the German and Austrian Alps and the mountains look perfect for Ski Week and 50 Sports in 50 Weeks. Everybody knows that skiing is more than just a sport, it’s a wonderful lifestyle combining the great outdoors, fresh mountain air and a range and varying degrees of physical challenging ways to get down the slopes. This week we improve our base skills with veteran ski coach Reinhard (Hardy) Klinke of Hardy’s Fitness in Bavaria, then we meet up with slalom super star Frank Wörndl to take our skiing skills to a whole new level.

Along the way we gave many inspiring Get it Right talks to deliver to schools and fitness clubs, so it’s a busy and productive time for all. Thanks again to Hardy’s Fitness ( for hosting us and Skischule-mueller for the ski and snowboard equipment and additional lessons. (