An extreme African Safari with Peter Van Kets

50Sports_facebook_Peter Van KetsTwo of South Africa’s most extreme endurance athlete’s, Peter Van Kets and lovely his wife Kim take the 50sports in 50weeks crew for a rare opportunity to see many of Africa’s most dangerous, exciting and sadly endangered big game animals up closed and personal (not too close we hope) in the world famous Addo Elephant Park.

Expert Rangers will guide our trek as we seek to better understand the lifestyle and plight of magnificent creatures like the Black Rhino, huge Elephants, zebra, hippos, giraffes and big cats like lions, cheetah and leopards.

Before this incredible experience there is work to be done and the crew will visit several needy communities and schools in the region to help educate kids and their grown ups on how to use sport to help enhance their lives. The team will be distributing balls to schools kindly donated by our partners Bio Ritmo Academias of Brazil.