Floorball in Finland

50Sports_facebook_floorballThey go mad for it in Western Europe and yet the rest of the world is yet to discover the unique and exciting sport of Floorball. That’s why we’ve come to Helsinki, to train with the multi European Champions, SSV Helsinki and learn for ourselves why Floorball is another great way to get off the couch.

Highlights of the week include:

Monday Dec 8 – Workout at Fressi Fitness Club

Tues Dec 9 – Introduction and first training session of Floorball at Liikuntamylly

Wednesday Dec 10 – Floorball training and game in Myllypuro

Thursday Dec 11 - Workout at Fressi Fitness Club

Friday Dec 12 – Paul Brown Mr Retention Seminar Part I (Asiakaspysyvyysseminaari)

Saturday Dec 13 - Paul Brown Mr Retention Seminar Part II (Asiakaspysyvyysseminaari)

Monday Dec 15 – Get it Right talk to the students of Lauttasaari