Ski Jumping Partenkirchen, Germany


Snow has fallen in Partenkirchen so the postponed Ski Jump training is now on from Jan 19.

The Browns tackle one of the most mentally challenging and then physically demanding sports in their 50 week challenge, speeding down an icy ramp on cardboard skis and then fly through the air like a bird, hopefully landing safely back to earth to a graceful gliding stop! Sounds great in theory but definitely a new way for them to get off the couch.

First up they visit the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup at Garmisch-Partnekirchen on New Year’s 2015, then return to try to the sport out for themselves with the Partenkirchen Ski Club. ( Top club Trainer Fabian Ebenhoch will ensure that Paul, Jacqui and Ben are well prepared for making their first leap and this will most definitely be a unique experience and a reminder that when you keep fit and healthy you are ready for just about anything!

Thanks to the Partenkirchen Ski Club, Hardy’s Fitness and Johannes Loessl for making this possible.

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