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Chasing A Dream

When Paul and Jacqui were growing up, a Kid’s idea of fun was to kick a ball in the park, run at the beach, play cricket or stick ball in the yard and even school recess was loaded with physical games. Keeping active throughout their life has kept them in good health and ready for anything. They want the same for their son Ben, but realise he is growing up in a world focused around video games, fast foods, small screens and social media. 50 Sports in 50 Weeks will remind families everywhere of the importance of doing things together and showcase the amazing variety of sport options . In doing so their dream is to inspire others to find their own way to make exercise and at least one sport a regular part of their lives too.

Their Ultimate Goals

  • Encourage children from all over the world to get off the couch and have a go at sports.
  • Encourage children to enjoy more activities with their families, friends and others.
  • Attract media support and public attention to the crisis of inactivity amongst today’s youth.
  • Encourage people of all backgrounds to adopt a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.
  • We want to get the world off the couch one sport at a time to educate and inspire these, and future generations, to adopt and maintain a long, healthy and active life.

Taking the Guesswork out of Sports

Helping kids and their families choose a sport or physical activity that’s right for them by answering:

  • What are the main benefits?
  • Which sport is best suited for my child/children?
  • What are they most likely to enjoy, hopefully be good at, or at least be able to keep-up?
  • What suits their effort and attention thresholds?
  • What activities match our acceptable risk of injury?
  • What are the competitive prospects and obligations?
  • What is the development path?
  • What is the time commitment required?
  • Which sport options fit within our budget?
  • Does the sport also fit into our normal lifestyle?
  • Which sport is each child most likely to stick with?

If you care about the health and wellbeing of our kids, you must get behind the 50 Sports in 50 Weeks’ mission. There are a number of ways you can get on board to help future generations live a better and more positive life while attracting positive attention to your own entity or sport.

Champion athletes and sports stars
Give back. Show the Browns and the world why you love your sport and why they should too. As Natalie Cook, help us achieve this big project to improve kids health around the world !


Coaches and mentors 
Run a clinic on your sport for the Brown’s and invite local schools and groups to join in.

Fitness and Sports Clubs
Host one of Paul’s amazing “Get it right” seminars. Invite schools, sporting clubs and the public.


Businesses and companies
Sponsor any of the fifty sports seminars and clinics or partner the global mission for an unbeatable win-win.


Help bring awareness to this important and unique project, the communities we are helping and where we’ll will be next.


We can all make a difference. Turn up and join in any event, donate or help raise funds to support disadvantaged kids and spread the word to build a healthier and happier future for all kids and their grown ups.

Now, get involved click here to register your interest and/or involvement in 50 Sports in 50 Weeks and take part of our project!