Lacrosse with Calgary Roughnecks

Lacrosse is another super fast indoor sport that fits perfectly into our 50 ways to get off the couch. It has some similarities to hockey and floorball but the unique netted stick gives the game a whole new dimension of skill that has an instant appeal. A wonderful spectator sport too with not only great action on the floor but the promoters put on quite a show and keep the crowd in a frenzy throughout the game, quite a spectacle for us Aussies to behold.

This week we met up with the Calgary Roughnecks who play hard but have a soft heart for kids. Ben was specially invited to join a special youth training academy presented by Cardel Homes and staged at the impressive Saddledome. The night before in this very stadium we had watched these top athletes slug it out in a hard fought game and yet here they were, just 12 hours later, giving their full attention and experience to children and teens alike, a wonderful contribution to the community that will surely impact these kids not only in sport but in life.

The media in Canada have supported us yet again and the 50 sports story has made prime time news and major headlines in the some of Alberta’s top newspapers. We thank them all for their assistance in spreading our very important message to get kids and their growns-ups off the couch.

Next up we all train with the Rockyview Lacrosse Minor league in Cochrane to get first hand lessons on the sport and then we will all play in a game specially organised for us.  Read Also : Importance of sports