Meet The Browns

In 2014, the Brown family (Paul, Jacqui and Ben) from Queensland, Australia will kick off their journey to experience and learn about 50 Sports in 50 Weeks.

paul-brownPaul Brown (50)

Paul is an international health and fitness expert, a former Australian Aerobics Champion and a renowned Keynote Speaker who has devoted his entire working career towards improving the quality of life of others through exercise, healthy eating, sports and recreation. His Face2Face Fitness program has been adopted by health and fitness clubs around the world with millions of people every day benefiting from the system.


jacquie-brownJacqui Brown (50)

Fit and fabulous at 50, this dynamic mum has a long history of sports, exercise and active living. She ran her own business called Jacqui’s Gym for 12 years, and was also crowned Australia’s Miss Figure and Fitness, representing her country at the NABBA Ms Universe championships.


ben-brownBenjamin Brown (9)

Ben is your typical Australian 8 year old: bright, full of energy and he just loves to play. From an early age he has taken a liking to all manner of sports and participates and competes regularly in gymnastics, little athletics and swimming. He loves recreational pursuits like fishing, snorkelling and kicking a ball, but applies himself with equal zest to his schooling and academic endeavours. Ben loves a challenge and is ready to try all 50 Sports in 50 Weeks.

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