Sports Schedule

This may be the most ambitious tour of sports, events and activities ever undertaken and it’s all in the name of getting the world off the couch.

Check out the schedule below and see what this inspirational family have achieved in their 50 weeks. If the Browns can find over 50 sports, activities and adventures to do, then surely every kid and their family can find at least one they can do regularly. Plus, if you ever get bored or can no longer do your favorite activity, look at the all the other options you can consider.

This is the final 50 Sports in 50 Weeks Calendar that was accomplished between Oct 16, 2014 and Sept 30, 2015.

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A typical week on the road with 50 Sports

With 50 Sports in 50 Weeks, it’s not hard to work out the Brown’s will have a very busy schedule. A guide of a typical week on the road with 50 Sports looks something like this:

  1. Travel to next country or location, often includes international flights or long distance train, boat or car travel. Review the 50 Sports Research Paper of our next sport while en route so arriving fully prepared.
  2. Meet our Athlete or Sports mentor. Learn about their favourite sport and what it was that got them hooked. Learn the rules and basic skills and practice under the mentors’ guidance. Media interviews, update web blogs, social media etc.
  3. Explore the region and learn all we can about each country we visit, it’s history and its people.
  4. Meet our sports mentor for more coaching on skills and drills, occasionally include some local kids or families in a coaching clinic. Media interviews, update video and web blogs, social media etc.
  5. Visit local schools, community centres or health clubs to deliver the Get it Right seminar and fit events.
  6. Participate in a competitive or social sporting event organised by our local host. Attend a major competition or event as we will endeavour to time each destination around the world elite sporting calendar of events. For example what better time and place to try Tennis than Wimbledon in July?
  7. Final media interviews, social media updates and 50 Sports Road Test Report before making ready to head off to the next exciting destination and try yet another sport.

If you are a school, fitness club, sporting organisation or an athlete who’d like to get on board and help get the world off the couch, please email us today or hit the contact form on our website.

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