Water Polo Week at the AUT

Had you asked Jacqui three weeks ago if she could ever see herself as a Water Polo Player she would have said, “No way, I’m not good at swimming or confident enough in the water”. Now you’ll get a very different answer and it’s all because she and the rest of the family just gave it a go. We all now love Water Polo and you just might too!

It’s no surprise we were all a little daunted at the though if trying this sport. In a recent study, Water Polo was listed number 6 in the top 10 of tough sports, but like any sport there are varying degrees of difficulty depending on who you play with and how bad you need to win.

The social games we played were all about having fun and Jacqui, Ben and I had an absolute blast! Of course we trained first to learn the basic rules and skills and for that we had some highly quality mentors. Stephen Knights is a Professional NZ Coach and former national player and was our main man for the week. He was aided by some top guns in Thomas Kingsmill who is the current #1 NZ Goal Keeper and his team mate in Goals #13 Dylan Smith. also on hand to help shape our game were top women’s players Chelsea Geary and Jordyn Knights.

As you would expect warms-ups were mostly swimming laps so our recent time with Susie O’Neill came in handy. Then we discovered that skills like swimming with your head up at all times are also good to have here, so our technique was adapted accordingly.

Steve and his crew made the training fun for Ben and at 9, he did well to keep up the pace with us, or maybe it was the other way around. Anyway we learned rules like you can’t touch the ball with two hands and it’s mostly a non contact sport, though a little pressure can be applied if your opponent has the ball and you wish you did!

Watch the video for the rest of the story and we’ll give you a few tips on how to get started next time. PB Read Also : Importance of sports