Windsurfing in Maui with Robby Swift

1Maui in Hawaii is beautiful, exotic, pristine, the people are wonderfully warm and the weather is equally balmy, but it sure is windy! The perfect place to Windsurf and that is why we came here to connect with PWA tour star Robby Swift and learn this fast and technical water sport.

IMG_0217In just two days Robby has had us all up and sailing in very challenging conditions and it has been super fun and interesting. So cool to see people of all ages from 8 to 80 down at the beach with us windsurfing and most are extremely skilful, which gives us tremendous hope.

IMG_9554A huge thank you to #AdventureSportsMaui for supplying us with our amazing #JPAustralia Windsurfing Boards and #NeilPryde Sails. It really helps to have the best equipment.

IMG_9710One final expression session tomorrow with the champ before we make way to Chile and next big adventure with 50 Sports in 50 Weeks.  IMG_9851 IMG_9832 IMG_9812 IMG_9783 IMG_9674 IMG_0125 IMG_0120