Wrestling the giants of Chile

Tream Wrestling end picChile may be a relative lightweight in the wrestling world but they have some super heavyweight champions in their ranks and the rest of their National team are super talented and super keen, so it made perfect sense to travel to Santiago to grapple with yet another of our exciting 50 Sports in 50 Weeks.

Andres Ayub was our primary mentor and hot off the back of winning the Silver Medal at the 2015 PanAmerican Games he was in fine form, ably assisted by several of his team mates.

Low Res Wrestling (12)We learned a variety of skills including attacking and defensive moves, holds a tackles, trips and rolls. Team 50Sports were all impressed by the level of strategy and technical skills demonstrated by these mountains of muscles. they had as much mental strength as they did physical.

Importance of sportsLikewise we found the sport is equally suited for kids Ben’s age as it was for young adults in their prime, while Jacqui and Paul were able to keep up with the group thanks to their solid base of fitness, but they will quickly acknowledge it was tough!

Low Res Wrestling (9)After several training sessions in both skill and conditioning we can all agree, wrestling is another great way to get off the couch.


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