Nothing stands in their way


This is the magic and power of sport in action. Kids with real challenges in life conquering all. Some cannot walk, some cannot talk, some cannot see and some will never be able to feed themselves or dress themselves, but thanks to the help of those … [Read more...]

This is why we do what we do!


This is why we are doing what we are doing. Today we spoke to students at ‪#‎SantiagoCollege‬ in Chile and shared our Get it Right message. They got it! These kids were bright, enthusiastic and eager to hear our story. The pictures say it all and … [Read more...]

Wrestling the giants of Chile

Low Res Wrestling (10)

Chile may be a relative lightweight in the wrestling world but they have some super heavyweight champions in their ranks and the rest of their National team are super talented and super keen, so it made perfect sense to travel to Santiago to grapple … [Read more...]

Windsurfing in Maui with Robby Swift


Maui in Hawaii is beautiful, exotic, pristine, the people are wonderfully warm and the weather is equally balmy, but it sure is windy! The perfect place to Windsurf and that is why we came here to connect with PWA tour star Robby Swift and learn this … [Read more...]

Goodbye NZ and Hello Hawaii

Our final quick workout before the long haul flight to Hawaii for 50Sports Surfing and Windsurfing Week. Thanks to all our friends in New Zealand including the Auckland City Council, AUT Millennium Institute of Sport and Health, Jono Lester and Trass … [Read more...]

Hawaii here we come

Levi National Champ

50 Sports in weeks hits the waves of Maui Hawaii this weeks for Surf Week and the Brown Family are in for one heck of a ride.First up they connect with two young superstars of junior surfing, brothers Cody and Levi Young. These two super talented … [Read more...]