50 Sports finishes on a high with Paragliding above Sydney

1 Paraglide

That’s it. We did it!  50 Sports in 50 Weeks is officially accomplished and we finished our last sport this weekend on a high with Paragliding in Sydney with Chief Instructor Greg Hurst.

Like all our mentors for the last 50 weeks, Greg was masterful as he familiarised us with the equipment and basic guidelines of the sport.
We learned how the Wing performed in the wind and how to handle it from the ground. Then it was time for each of us to go up with him, one at a time.
Jacqui was first and as with all height related sports she loved it and had no trouble at all and after a wonderfully scenic back and forth flight over Sydney’s amazing headlands they came back to earth gracefully with wide smiles.
Paul was equally enthusiastic but as with all motion sport his stomach was less enthusiastic about the tricks and turns Greg taught him, but together they saw it through in style and again landed safely.

The it was Ben’s turn and while there aren’t too many 10 year olds courageous enough to take this flight, after a little coercion from Daddy and Greg, He overcame his natural hesitation and took to the skies…and he loved every minute of it!

“That was AWESOME” were his exact words on landing and with that the Brown family’s global mission to try all kinds of sports and prove that there truly is something for everyone came to a thrilling and successful climax.

Now we turn our attention to the Grand Finale Sports day at Coombabah State Primary School on Friday October 16 where 800 plus kids will learn all about our past year and get the chance to try many of the sports we tried for themselves with the help of several of our top class sporting mentors. All welcome to come and catch the action http://50sports.org.

For now we say a massive thankyou to the many mentors, partners, sponsors, volunteers and helpers who made this mission possible and contributed to its success. Congratulations to you one and all and thanks for helping get the world off the couch, one sport at a time.

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