Lacrosse with Calgary Roughnecks


Lacrosse is another super fast indoor sport that fits perfectly into our 50 ways to get off the couch. It has some similarities to hockey and floorball but the unique netted stick gives the game a whole new dimension of skill that has an instant … [Read more...]

Ice climbing Canada with Jen Olson

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How brave does a nine year old have to be to try this? Ice climbing Alberta Canada with Jen Olson. Ice climbing is not for the faint hearted but the perceived risk is far greater than the reality as our expert team, safety ropes and helmets etc … [Read more...]

Cross-Country Skiing in Helsinki


When you are surrounded by snow half of the year it makes sense to turn the adversity into an advantage and that’s exactly what the people of Finland do better than just about anybody with cross country skiing. What started as an efficient way to … [Read more...]

Floorball in Finland with SSV Helsinki


Imagine Ice hockey without ice. Take away the fights and wall slams, swap the skates for running shoes and the puck for a light and fast moving plastic ball. The arena is about the same size but the floor is a rubber coated hard surface designed for … [Read more...]

Nordic Walking the Jurassic Coast UK


December sees the Brown family travelling across Europe spreading their 50 Sports in 50 weeks message to get the world off the couch. In Finland they’ll have a go at Cross Country Skiing but before that they had the pleasure of trying a sport that … [Read more...]

50 Sports in the media again

Westerner Newspaper Dec 11, 2014 WEB.pdf

Getting the world off the couch is no easy task but thanks to the support of the media our mission gains more and more momentum every day. This week sees the Brisbane Newspaper the Westerner add its publication to the growing list of supporters and … [Read more...]

50 Sports Compilation Oct-Nov 2014


We've been so busy travelling the world, delivering Get it Right talks at schools and experiencing amazing and diverse sports, so busy we have not kept up our weekly blogs! Shame on me but we truly have been so involved in the mission that it's been … [Read more...]