An extreme African Safari with Peter Van Kets

50Sports_facebook_Peter Van Kets

Two of South Africa's most extreme endurance athlete's, Peter Van Kets and lovely his wife Kim take the 50sports in 50weeks crew for a rare opportunity to see many of Africa's most dangerous, exciting and sadly endangered big game animals up closed … [Read more...]

Boxing in South Africa


The Sisonke Boxing Club in East London, South Africa, has been keeping kids off the couch, off the street and out of trouble for 20 years through the discipline, physical conditioning and self confidence that their boxing programmes can provide, so … [Read more...]

Volleyball with Olympic medalist William Carvlaho

50Sports_facebook_Volleyball Kopie

In our final few weeks of #50sports we have travelled to Sao Paulo Brazil to learn the fast paced sport of indoor volleyball. Our mentor is William Carvalho da Silva, a legend in Brazil who captained the national team to win it's first ever Olympic … [Read more...]

MMA with Rogerio Minotauro Nogueira


In the dangerous and exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts there is no bigger name in brothers than Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and his twin Antonio Rogerio. In particular, their mastery of the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu makes them a formidable foe … [Read more...]

Adaptive skiing for all abilities

50Sports_facebook_Adaptive Skiing

You don't need to be able to walk, you don't need two legs and it doesn't matter if you cannot see or have other physical or intellectual challenges, the amazing crew at Andes Magico and Ski Portillo in Chile can help bring the magic of snow sports … [Read more...]

Wrestling Andres the giant

50Sports_facebook_Olympic Wrestling

Hot off the back of winning Silver at the PanAmerican Games, Chile's own Olympic Wrestling giant Andres Ayub puts Paul, Jacqui and Ben through their paces as the crew give wresting a try. It's a tough and demanding physical sport but it's also a game … [Read more...]

Windsurfing in Maui with Robby Swift


Perhaps the ultimate combination of of wind and water power, Windsurfing the waves of Hawaii may be one of the highest flying sports the 50Sports team try in their incredible 50 Week mission and there is no better mentor to learn from than … [Read more...]

Revving it up with Motorsports

50Sports_facebook_Motor Sports

...and now for something completely different, #50Sports in 50Weeks and the Brown family try their hand at Motor Racing. Ferrari GT driver #JonoLester is a perfect example of how important physical and mental conditioning are in this gruelling … [Read more...]

Blazing Badminton at Yonex Chinese Taipei Open


It may have originated in England, but Asia is the hottest place in the world for Badminton and this week the 50 Sports team travel to Taiwan's capital to learn from the world's best and then see them all go head to head for the prestigious 2015 … [Read more...]

Sepak Takraw amazes in Malaysia

50Sports_facebook_sepak_takeraw Kopie

Yet another sport the 50 Sports crew had never known before embarking on their global quest to discover 50 fantastic ways to get the world off the couch is the Malaysian sport of Sepak Takraw. Now hugely popular throughout Asia and gradually … [Read more...]