Flying Trapeze with the Fly Factory, Melbourne

50Sports_facebook_Flying Trapeze.

Since the great Jules Leotard first flew through the air in 1859, Flying Trapeze has amazed and excited audiences the world over and is now also a popular sport and form of recreation for everyday daredevils and physically inclined performers. The 50 … [Read more...]

Golf week in Arizona with Karrie Webb and the LPGA

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Another highly popular sport for kids and grown-ups of all ages is the game of golf. Originating from St Andrews, Scotland, this past time is now enjoyed in almost every country around the world and is equally suitable for men and women. The Ladies … [Read more...]

Fitness Week with Nick Morris in Los Angeles

50Sports_facebook_Nick Morris

This week we showcase the world of fitness and exercise at the world's largest International Health and Fitness Convention, IHRSA 2015, in Los Angeles California. Then we join quintessential fitness infomercial entrepreneur and inventor Nick Morris … [Read more...]

Bowling with the USBC in Texas

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The most popular and highest participation sport on the planet today is Ten Pin Bowling and the #50Sports in 50 Weeks team will travel to the sport's global headquarters in Arlington Texas to learn all they can about this highly technical but equally … [Read more...]

Tog o War with the USA TOWA

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Grab an end a pull! There is much more to the sport of tug of war than that as we intend to find out for ourselves as 50 Sports journeys to Wisconsin and the home of the United States Amateur Tug of War Association.  There we will be schooled on the … [Read more...]

Gymnastics with Paul Haam & Alex Diab


One of the most perfect all-round conditioning sports, Gymnastics has a long history with the Olympic movement and one of it's all-round champions, Paul Haam, will be our coach and mentor at the Premier Gymnastics Club in Downers Grove, Illinois. Our … [Read more...]

Basketball week with 50 Sports in Florida

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It all starts in Orlando where we are special guests of the University of Central Florida to watch their Knights match off with the Houston Cougars. Then we head south to Miami to join the legendary School of Basketball where Coach Peter and his … [Read more...]

Curling Week, Alberta Canada


50 Sports cannot visit Canada without playing the nations "other" national winter sport, Curling. The Browns and crew set off for the Cochrane Curling Club in Alberta where over 100 years of tradition continue this quintessential local sports hub. … [Read more...]

Lacrosse with Martin Parnell, Calgary

50Sports_facebook_Lacross Week

50 Sports in 50 Weeks travels to Calgary in Alberta Canada to hook up with one of sport's most passionate and committed personalities, Martin Parnell, to discover one of his favourite activities, Lacrosse. A fast paced and most often high impact … [Read more...]