Windsurfing in Maui with Robby Swift


Perhaps the ultimate combination of of wind and water power, Windsurfing the waves of Hawaii may be one of the highest flying sports the 50Sports team try in their incredible 50 Week mission and there is no better mentor to learn from than Professional Windsurfing Association superstar Robby Swift.

The Browns will journey to Robby’s home island of Maui to give this sport a go and have no delusion on how challenging and at potentially dangerous tackling the surf with a sail can be, so it’s a good thing they are in the hands of an expert coach. While there they will also try the sport that originated from these very same Islands, Surfing, along with the more relaxing past time of Stand-up Paddling.

It looks like another fantastic week and another great way to get kids and their grown-ups off the couch.