Making a difference to African school children

2 School (2)The ‪#‎50sports‬ in 50weeks mission continues through Africa with yet another School visit and Get it Right talk, this time to the kids and staff at Nkwezana Primary School in East London.
This School was much larger in numbers with packed classrooms up to 130 students per teacher. What the school lacks in resources they make up for with enthusiasm and dedication.

Our outdoor talk to 600 plus kids was very well received and we all had a lot of fun too. The Head Mistress and I had a playful boxing match to the delight of the kids and we were also treated to traditional dancing and singing performed by the students with teachers joyfully joining in.

So pleased with our visit were they that an impromptu recital of a poem about the great Nelson Mandela was recited in our honour. I have no idea if our Get it Right message was truly understood or if these kids will grow up any more committed to sport, exercise or healthy lifestyles, but I do know for a while we made a lot of kids smile that have much less to smile about than you or I and that feels great.

Much thanks to Peter and Kim Van Kets and ‪#‎BioRitmo‬ of Brazil for supporting our important work here.


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