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Who’s On Our Team – behind the scenes?

None of this would be possible if not for the efforts, hard work and amazing contributions of our wonderful team of assistants, sponsors and partners. So here are the people behind the scenes who have made 50 Sports in 50 Weeks come to life.

ANALEE MATTHEWS, 50 Sports Project Manager & Online Content Manager

AMAnalee has a stack of experience in publishing, editing and the fitness industry. She’s a go-to person when you need something done, and done well so we’re super glad she’s on our team! When she’s not uploading content for this 50 Sports website, Analee can be found producing a FREE award-winning online magazine that’s designed for fitness businesses to distribute to their members, as their own in-house publication (in which Paul is the resident Exercise Adherence Expert). You can check out her (and Paul’s) handiwork at




JOHANNES LOESSL, 50 Sports Project Assistant Director. Germany.

Johannes cropped small

Johannes is from the German fitness industry and has joined the 50 Sports family since April 2014. He has a degree in business administration and has worked in almost every position within a fitness club. He works as a business consultant for different fitness clubs and still does a lot of exercising by himself. his passion to help others and belief in the global need for our work inspired him to come to Australia and contribute his time and expertise for the cause.  As Paul’s right hand man on the 50 Sports mission and has played many key roles in the project including strategic planning, researcher, team leader and marketing consultant. Johannes is also the official regional coordinator for the German and Austrian events and can’t wait to see the Brown’s try Ski Jumping at the picturesque city of Garmish-Partenkerchen.



ANTON JUNG, Film and Editing Crew, Stuttgard, Germany

Anton is a 24 years old Graphics Design graduate and master of creativity. His roots are Russian, but his experiences come from all over the world. An avid sportsman himself, he so far he’s tried a range of activities from high diving to Volleyball – but is hungry for more.. Creativity is very important to him and he has a special talent of telling stories through with a GoPro and has also become very skilful with our high tech digital SLR cameras.

“I try to catch different aspects on camera and everything which is invisible for the eye at a specific moment. With this I like to create movies that evoke empathy within people and a moment in time where one can forget everything around. It is an honor to accompany the Brown-family and to support making the world a little healthier.”


ARIEL BODY, Film and Editing Crew, Arizona USA

ArielAriel is an adventurer and all-around visual communicator with a passion for telling unique visual stories that seek to encourage and inspire action and adventure. She holds an MA Multidisciplinary Design, has collaborated on creative design, photography, and video projects around the world.  When she’s not travelling she calls Arizona home.

Ariel was selected from many applicants to join our team and help document the events, activities, people and places we visit during our global mission to get the world off the couch and then help edit and collate these stories into media ready packages to reach out to our growing audience on Social Media and then ultimately through the 50 Sports in 50 Weeks documentary.




Latisha (L.T.) CLAYTON, Film and Editing Crew, Sacramento USA

L.T.Clayton is an award winning, freelance Multimedia Producer/Journalist. She has earned recognition from the Society of Professional Journalists, the Journalism Association of
Community Colleges and the Voices of Hope community organization. She is a member of the California Film Foundation and the International Documentary Association. L.T. was also selected for her exceptional talents and social values to travel and document the 50 Sports mission, helping spread our message via the power of film.



Sanjita Singh, Art Director and traveler, Germany

Sanjita Singh is very talented graphic designer and her specialist skills include print and digital product with 7 years experience in advertising and design in several countries, such as Germany, England, Finland and Australia.

Since Nov 2013 she works and travels the world. As part of her travels she has met the Browns in Australia. With a passion for the 50sports mission she created a consistently corporate design, templates including all kind of materials like presentations, design materials and web solutions.





Kalinda Atkinson, Social Media Consultant, Australia


Kalinda has over five years of online marketing experience, including three years purely in the social sphere so she brings an holistic approach to marketing. She is results driven, passionate about people and communities, excited for new technologies, and always immersing herself in social media and has helped many companies achieve their social objectives.

Kalinda contributes regularly to the 50 Sports project by helping Paul and the team reach their social media objectives, through advice, and a passive community management role as well as making regular posts of informative content.

“I believe that health is the most important aspect of life, and feel honoured to be a part of this project that’s spreading a message of health and fitness for children.

Connect with Kalinda at her website:



DAMIAN STURM, Art Director and Computer Animator, Germany.

Damian Sturm, 24, is a Munich-based Junior Art Director. He studied media design at the DHBW Ravensburg and worked with agencies and projects in Ravensburg, Berlin, Australia. His focus is the digital world: Interaction- and motion design, as well as digital advertising. He has won different national and international design prizes, including the Red Dot Concept Design Award, Best of the Best; the IF Concept Design Award and a Bronze Nail at the Junior Award of the German Art Directors Club.

Damian used his impressive talent and skills to bring to life Paul’s vision of the two central characters of the “Get it Right” Message, Leapin’ Lizard and Lazy Lizard.







Ashley Carbyn, Research and logistics coordinator, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ashley has a strong passion for health and fitness with a background in acting, marketing and promotions. The moment she came across 50 Sports in 50 Weeks she knew she could be of assistance. With her love and belief in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, Ashley could not think of a better way to help the world than by getting kids active and sharing the fun of fitness via the 50 Sports mission to get the world off the couch.

Originally from Canada, Ashley now calls Brisbane home after falling in love with the Queensland’s warm sunny weather. Her major roles were locating, motivating and securing the highest profile athletes and federations in the world, researching all kinds of awesome sports, organising events and setting up many locations across the globe, as well as motivating as many people as she could to get active along the way!





MATHILDE JUIN & HENDRICK COLOM, Strategic planning and IT. France

Mathilde and Hendrick

Mathile is Biomedical Engineer and Business Manager and Hendrick Mathilde and Hendrick is a Quality and Risk Manager with a first qualification in computer science. Both hail from France. They met the Brown’s through a HelpX program and very quickly fell in love with the 50 Sports in 50 Weeks mission. They stayed with the family and worked on the project through the Summer of 2013 and were instrumental in the fortifying of the business plan, many marketing materials and helping to set up some of the early web and social media systems including the interactive map on the website today. They will join the Brown’s next July as they cycle and connect with the Tour de France.




TONI REINIKAINEN, 50 Sports Researcher

ToniRToni has completed his Honours Degree in Sports and Exercise Science in the area of Chronological Development of Fitness qualities in AFL Athletes. The study was completed between the University of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Lions Junior Academy. Toni is also a Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach with ASCA, a Level 3 registered Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia, and a Sports Scientist with ESSA. Toni has coached athletes in different sports including AFL, Football, Ice Hockey, Triathlon and Beach Volleyball. His specialties include Strength & Conditioning Coaching and Fitness Education. Toni can be contacted via





After learning about the increasing problem both nationally and internationally of obesity Tracey sees the need to get the population moving. She says, “I am aware that encouraging physical activity is one thing we as health professionals can do do to help and tailoring this to different peoples interests makes perfect sense. There is a sport for everyone from every background with any interest. It not only has a positive impact on every aspect of the individual’s life but also on our health system and economy!”





CATHERINE KANE, 50 Sports Researcher

Cath is an energetic mum and wife who says she’s loved being part of this project. She says, “By raising the profile of some of the lesser known sports, especially those that would interest our kids, the 50 Sports project stands to play an important role in getting us all moving more and setting a great example for our children. As a busy mum of two pre-school age boys I am always on the go and it can be hard to fit my own exercise into the daily routine. As our kids grow I am looking forward to finding more sport-based activities that we can do together, combining exercise time with quality family time. This project is certainly giving me some inspiration for sports we can try together!”




OLIVER KITCHINGMAN, 50 Sports Researcher

Oli is the Editor at Australian Fitness Network, where he produces resources and publications for those who work in the fitness industry. Of the research Oli conducted, he says “I enjoyed researching all of the sports, but as someone who has only played a couple of rounds in my life, I surprised myself by being particularly interested in golf! It was fascinating to trace the origins of the game and the way in which it evolved and developed over time, from humble origins in 15th Century Scotland, to its modern-day status as a truly universal game with ever-increasing popularity. When I finished researching it, I was itching to don some loud trousers and Pringle sweater and hit the links!”




JUSTINE NORTHCOTT, 50 Sports Researcher

Justine is a freelance writer, editor and proofreader and can be contacted via She says, “I’ve really enjoyed being involved in the 50 sports project as it has opened my eyes to so many sports. As a mum to three young kids I love seeing my kids having fun playing soccer and netball with their friends and I’m keen to ensure sport plays an important part in their childhood. Sepaktakraw was the sport that intrigued me the most as I remember on trips to Asia seeing locals playing it and being amazed by the movements they made getting the ball over the net without touching it with their hands or arms. I didn’t know until I started this research what the sport was called or that it was played on a professional level.”




AMY MOTBY, 50 Sports Researcher

AmyAmy is a researcher by occupation, so this project was right up her alley! Amy says, “Being a part of 50 sports in 50 weeks has been so inspiring – I only wish I could pack myself in the Brown’s suitcase and go along for the ride. Having only learned to swim as an adult, water sports have always been quite foreign to me.  So when I started researching free diving I was blown away by the fact it is possible to dive more than 200 meters on just one breath!  Likewise I was surprised to learn that in America there is a funeral home which offers a free round of mini golf in their mortuary-themed basement course with every standard funeral package.”





DrBec“Dr Bec” is a qualified nutritionist with a PhD in Human Nutrition from Sydney University, and a Masters in Human Nutrition from King’s College London. She is also the brains (and braun) behind as well as being a professional photographer (). Dr Bec is currently a lecturer in physical activity at UNSW and regarding her 50 Sports research, she says “The sport that intrigued me the most during my 50 Sports research was tennis due to its long history that started with people hitting balls with their hands in Europe in the early centuries!”





TONI KRASICKI, 50 Sports Researcher

Toni is a freelance writer specialising in health, fitness and travel. Holding a Bachelor of Human Movement Science (Ex Sc) and a Post Grad Diploma in Health Promotion, she also is a group fitness instructor and the founder of . Of her research for 50 Sports, Toni says,  “I think the 50 Sports mission is a brilliant way to get kids involved in sport. I’ve actually developed respect and a newfound interest in all the sports that I researched, although I did spend some time on YouTube watching Competitive Cheerleading teams compete. It was mesmerising; definitely gymnastics on steroids. Their skill, talent and energy are incredible!” Toni can be contacted via or




AIMEE HARVEY, 50 Sports Researcher

Aimee has completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at the University of the Sunshine Coast, as well as a Bachelor of Dance at Auckland University of Technology. She is also in the application process to complete a PhD through the University of the Sunshine Coast. Aimee has worked in the fitness industry for the last 10 years and recently become a gym owner. Aimee is a Lead Coach for the Australian Institute of Fitness, a BodyPump and BodyAttack instructor, and after completing her first marathon  in 2010 and is officially “hooked for life! Aimee says, “This project will help create more awareness of the fun, active activates people participate in all over the world, and hopefully motivate Australians to go out, try one of these. Interestingly, for someone who doesn’t like flying or heights, researching bungee jumping and hot air ballooning were my two favourites. I have a new respect for both sports and might even be tempted to give hot air ballooning a go one day.”

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