Rumble in the Jungle, Boxing SA

We are in South Africa and it is amazing!  Ever since the Ali-Foreman Rumble in the Jungle, Boxing has been Synonymous with this region and today we trained at the Mecca of Boxing in East London, Sisonke Boxing Club.

For 20 years their incredible team of volunteer coaches and supporters have helped keep kids off the couch, off the street and out of trouble. They don’t so much teach them how to fight, but more how to not have to and the discipline and routine that comes with preparing for the ring carries over into their schooling, work and social life to help them focus and succeed.

It’s a fantastic programme we are honoured to experience and tell the world about that is partly assisted by the local municipality and through the generous support of big-hearted groups like Box4Life.

A huge thank you to our African hosts #PeterVanKets, his lovely wife Kim and her brother Russel Sparg for making this possible.

Tomorrow we head to two very rural schools in needy neighborhoods for a brief Get it Right Talk and to drop off a supply of Soccer Balls kindly donated by our Brazilian partners #BioRitmo Academias. This is a super feel-good ending to our 50 week global journey and makes us all very proud.

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