Slacklining week keeps life in balance

What started out as a simple tight rope walking game for bored rock climbers has become a world wide phenomenon with slacklining now a highly regarded competitive sport and popular recreation and conditioning past time. We simply had to try it as one of our 50 sports in 50 weeks, so the Brown family and crew enjoyed yet another fun and action filled week climaxing with a sensational Family Fit event.

First up it was a road trip to Stuttgart to meet the founding creators of Gibbon Slacklines. After a tour of HQ and intro to the company by CEO Robert Kaeding, we headed off for a private lesson with his equally talented slacklining mentor wife Caroline, including how the sport’s unique equipment is also used for physical therapy and injury management.

Next it was off to the local park to hook some slacklines up to specially selected trees. There we were treated to some amazing feats of athleticism by Team Gibbon athletes Hinderk and Jonas. the entire 50 sports crew practiced all afternoon to get just some of the most basic moves. as the saying goes, this is a lot tougher than it looks!

Back to base at Hardy’s in Greifenberg for a few days and the team had regular practice sessions, with Ben and Jacqui especially making great progress as just reward for their determination. The team at Gibbon have cleverly developed a portable and self standing slacklne system so we set one up right in the foyer of the club so everyone could have a try before the big Family Fit event that weekend.

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