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Why 50 Sports in 50 Weeks?

I believe above all else that your health is your most valuable asset. No matter what you want to have, do or be in life, without your health it gets a whole lot harder to make your dreams come true. In more extreme situations they become simply unobtainable.

Accordingly, I’ve spent my entire working life, over 33 years to be exact, helping men and women of all ages, shapes and nationalities achieve their personal health and fitness goals. My early years as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and gym owner have served me well in the last 18 years as a consultant and educator delivering fitness systems into health clubs the world over.

We have successfully helped many millions of people get into or back into shape, but I am acutely aware that the majority of our work is in having to “undo” the damage that inactivity, poor eating choices and a lack of understanding to all matters health that is prevalent the world over.
In short – we are in the business of breaking bad habits.

Then a few years back it dawned on me. No matter how good we are at helping grown-ups change their ways there will always be a growing problem of declining health as the next generation or adults, our kids, are becoming less and less active and more and more reliant on sedentary entertainment while eating excessive junk and convenience foods.

When Jacqui and I were growing up, a Kid’s idea of fun was to kick a ball in the park, run at the beach, play cricket or stick ball in the yard and even school recess was loaded with physical games.
Keeping active throughout our lives has kept us in good health and ready for anything. We want the same for our son Ben, but he is growing up in a world focused around video games, small screens and social media. So for Ben’s sake and the sake of all generations to come, we have to educate and empower them to make better choices now!

50 Sports in 50 Weeks will use the power of sport to make a real difference, reminding families everywhere of the importance of doing things together and showcase the amazing variety of sport options. By using the collective talent and expertise of our mentors, we will road-test each sport and thereby being in an informed position to offer guidance on how to pick a sport or activity to suit just about every lifestyle. Regardless of where you live, your social or economic situation, your age or gender and no matter what your physical or intellectual capacity, there is an activity you can do to have some fun while improving the wellness and performance of your body and your mind.

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