The Mission


“Sports and fitness have been good to us, which is why we are dedicating 50 weeks of our lives, to give back and pass on all we have learned about the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.” – Paul and Jacqui Brown

Commencing October 16, 2014, Paul, Jacqui and Ben Brown embark on a global quest to experience 50 Sports in 50 Weeks at 50 iconic locations around the world and with 50 of the worlds greatest sporting champions, legends and mentors. Each week the Browns will participate as a family in a different sport with their mentors. They will then pass on what they learn to kids and grown-ups everywhere, so they too may keep active and live better, strengthening family ties and putting the fun back into sports and active play.

Chasing the dream

When Paul and Jacqui were growing up, a Kid’s idea of fun was to kick a ball in the park, run at the beach, play cricket or stick ball in the yard and even school recess was loaded with physical games. Keeping active throughout their life has kept them in good health and ready for anything. They want the same for their son Ben, but realise he is growing up in a world focused around video games, fast foods, small screens and social media. 50 Sports in 50 Weeks will remind families everywhere of the importance of doing things together and showcase the amazing variety of sport options . In doing so their dream is to inspire others to find their own way to make exercise and at least one sport a regular part of their lives too.

Their ultimate goals

  • Encourage children from all over the world to get off the couch and have a go at sports.
  • Encourage children to enjoy more activities with their families, friends and others.
  • Attract media support and public attention to the crisis of inactivity amongst today’s youth.
  • Encourage people of all backgrounds to adopt a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.
  • We want to get the world off the couch one sport at a time to educate and inspire these, and future generations, to adopt and maintain a long, healthy and active life.

Taking the guesswork out of sport sports

Helping kids and their families choose a sport or physical activity that’s right for them by answering …

  • What are the main benefits?
  • Which sport is best suited for my child/children?
  • What are they most likely to enjoy, hopefully be good at, or at least be able to keep-up?
  • What suits their effort and attention thresholds?
  • What activities match our acceptable risk of injury?
  • What are the competitive prospects and obligations?
  • What is the development path?
  • What is the time commitment required?
  • Which sport options fit within our budget?
  • Does the sport also fit into our normal lifestyle?
  • Which sport is each child most likely to stick with?

Who’s getting on board?

  • Athletes, sporting legends and mentors to coach us and help to showcase the best their sport has to offer.
  • Schools, fitness, sport and health clubs to host the “Get it Right” seminars and Family Fit Events.
  • Partners and sponsors to offer logistical and financial support for essentials such as travel, accommodation, sports equipment and aid to our selected kids charities.
  • Media, Public Relations and communication experts Help spread the message so we can amplify the impact we make on the lives of today’s and future generations.

Facts and figures

  • 5 continents, 35 countries
  • 50 different sports
  • 100 seminars and fit events at schools, sports clubs, health clubs and fitness centres
  • 50 athletes, including world champions, governing associations, elite athletes, champion teams
  • Building a massive library about all sports and recommendations for them
  • Local, national and international media support via radio and television interviews, newspaper and big social media support/communities
  • Where our athletes agree, the events will be fiilmed for web, TV and mainstream broadcast.


Q. Where do we plan to meet with our athletes, coaches and mentors?

A. We will travel to just about anywhere in the world for the chance to discover another great sport with another great role model. If our sports mentor has a special location, competition or event we can meet them at for example, regardless where in the world that may be, we will do our best to be there. Obviously we need to follow a structured agenda so we will properly plan our travel itinerary well ahead but also be ready for anything.

Q. What sports are we looking to experience?

A. Right now we have extensively researched and written a detailed white-paper on over ninety (90) sports that all have health and wellness benefits. Now we must narrow that down to the final fifty (50) subject to the best opportunities and support we can muster for each.

Q. What about more extreme adventures?

A. Because our number-one goal is to give kids real options they can do themselves and with their families, each of the 50 Sports must qualify as a healthy pursuit that can be done regularly, but there are also a lot of more extreme or adventurous activities we will also be willing to try along the way, they just won’t count in the 50. Some may be restricted to grown-ups such as Bungee-Jumping or Skydiving, but if it adds interest to the story and gets our message more attention, then given our taste for adventure we will probably go for it!

Q. What about sports for people with physical or intellectual disabilities?

A. Absolutely. We feel its essential to showcase sports that cater for the unique circumstances of all athletes and individuals, many of whom are among the most courageous and determined of all. We will endeavour to experience their sport under as similar circumstances as reasonably possible and are fully aware we are in for an emotionally confronting and physically challenging time.

Q. What aged kids are we aiming our talks and Family Fit-Events at?

A. While kids and adults of all ages will be welcomed to join us at each of our events we believe the best target ages are girls and boys between 8 and 15 years, a critical time of learning that can profoundly shape and define lifelong habits and attitudes. Our hope as we direct our fun and important messages to their kids, is the grownups in the room might just take a few tips on board too so life at home gets better.

Q. How will you manage the different languages?

A. This wonderful world is rich in many diverse cultures and we shall seek to discover and understand as much as we can of each, but of course we will rely on interpreters and translators when it comes to effectively communicating with non-English speaking people.

Paul is highly experienced in working with both simultaneous and consecutive translation in his presentations and all the marketing and education materials we have created will be made available to our local hosts and partners well ahead of time should they choose to have these translated also. In addition, we have been careful in the selection of words and imagery in our materials out of respect for regional sensitivities.

To find out more or to get involved with our 50 Sports in 50 Weeks adventures, email at or phone or TXT +61 416 299 892.