This is why we do what we do!

IMG_1786This is why we are doing what we are doing.
Today we spoke to students at ‪#‎SantiagoCollege‬ in Chile and shared our Get it Right message. They got it! These kids were bright, enthusiastic and eager to hear our story.

The pictures say it all and like so many other schools we have visited around the world we left with a real sense we have made a life-changing impact on the health of the next generation and that feels great!

IMG_1733It justifies all the hard work, sacrifices, long flights, late nights, financial commitment and missing so many of our friends and loved ones back home for a full year.

IMG_1799Thank you to our many supporters, volunteers and partners around the globe for making this important dream a reality. Especially here in Chile we thank ‪#‎O2Fit‬, ‪#‎AndesMagico‬, ‪#‎SkiPortillo‬, ‪#‎AdresAyub‬ and the Chilean National Wrestling Team.

Together we really are getting the world off the couch, one sport at a time.

Santiago College croppedSantiago College group